Baby dress/tunic/top

Pro velký zájem o překlad vkládám anglickou verzi.

Please, bare with me, this is my first pattern, still in progress, and English is not my native language.
Thanks Pitrisek for the help with the first version of translation. 
Thanks Monika for good comments to the patten and big support!!!  

New version from May 12th 2011!!! 

This is a one size design for babies 1 month to 1 year of age, meant to be worn for babies 1-3 months old as a dress, 3-9 months as a tunic and  9-12 months as a top. The dress is knitted seamless,  top down, as one piece, with front lace  panel and short neck opening is closed with crotchet chain loop and a button.

1 month old baby
11 months old

Size:           one size 1-12 months; chest 50cm (19 3/4"), back length 29cm (11 1/2")
Material:     Nela, Niťárna ČT (100% cotton; 50g/123m/135yds/1,76oz): pink 3432,
Yardage:     250m/273yds
Needles:     3,5mm (US 4) circular (cir)
Notions:      3mm crochet hook, 10 stitch markers, one button, darning needle
Gauge:        24 sts / 37 rnds /4"/ 10cm in stockinette

pm       place marker
slm       slip marker
rm        remove marker
sl1        slip one st purlwise
RS       right side
WS      wrong side
tbl        through back loop
yo        yarn over
k2tog   knit 2 sts together as one
BO      bind off
CO      cast on
k          knit
p          purl
st(s)     stitch(es)


CO 79 sts using your preferred method.
Row 1 – 2: garter stitches.
Row 3 (RS): place markers: sl1, pm, k6, pm A, k13, pm B, k6, pm, k1, pm, k12, pm, k1, pm, k25, pm, k1, pm, k12, pm, k1
Row 4 (WS): knit

You will start lace chart on the next row between markers A and B; you will be slipping markers from now on:
Row 5 (RS): sl1, slm, yo, p6, slm A, 13 sts lace chart, slm B, p6, yo, slm, k1, slm, yo, p12, yo, slm, k1, slm, yo, p25, yo, slm, k1, slm, yo, p12, yo, slm, k1

You will be knitting all the yarnovers from the row 5 through back loop in the next row:
Row 6 (WS): sl1, slm, k1tbl, k12, k1tbl, slm, p1, slm, k1tbl, k25, k1tbl, slm, p1, slm, k1tbl, k12, k1tbl, slm, p1, slm, k1tbl, k6, slm B, 13 sts lace chart, slm A, k6, k1tbl, slm, k1

Knit in this manner, repeating last two rows, while increasing (yo) around 1st btw. two markers on RS (raglan lines), and knitting new yarn overs through the back loop on the WS, until the piece measure 2.25" (5,5cm). You'll have 143 stitches. (20 rows from the beginning)

Joining in the round:
Next rnd: Knit in established pattern until 1st remain. Knit this st together with the first st of the rnd using k2tog. (You'll have 142 sts.)

Knit in established pattern until you finished 14 increase rounds. (You'll have 190 sts.)

Next two rnds: front and back knit in established pattern, sleeves knit in stockinette. (You'll have 198 sts.)

Bind off armholes:
Next rnd: k1, rm, p21, 13 sts lace chart, p21, rm, k1, rm, BO 42 sts, rm, k1, rm, p55, rm, k1, rm, BO 42 sts, rm,

Next rnd: p22, 13 sts lace chart, p22, CO 4 sts, p57, CO 4 sts. (You'll have 122 sts.)

Next rnd: purl and chart btw markers A and B until piece measure 7" (17,5cm) from cast on underarm stitches.

Next rnd: knit next 3 rounds.

Next rnd: BO all sts.

Crochet a chain, long according to the size of the button, make a loop and sew it on the left side, at the neck opening. Sew the button on the right side (right sleeve). Weave the ends. Block.



1 inch = 2,54cm
1 cm = 0,393700787 inch

This pattern is Copyright © Šárka Klimánková Aug 3rd 2010, all rights reserved. This pattern may be printed for personal use only, and this copyright notice must be kept intact.

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